“Dave was a huge, Huge, HUGE success. EVERYONE loved him, both staff and kids. The kids talked about him all week! He was so cute and silly with the kids . HE WAS PERFECT. I would love to bottle him up and use him for all our activities.”
                                                           Laura Kelso, Hillsides Charity, Pasadena, CA

                                           "Mind-boggling wit and panache. "
                                                                      The L.A. Weekly

    "Inspired lunacy.  Formidably funny. "
                          The L.A. Times

                    "An incomparable piece of insanity."
                             IN Los Angeles Magazine

“Believe us when we say this will be the best $ you've spent in a very long time!" 
                                          Douglas Emmett, Concierge Services 

                                                     “The audience was left breathless in amazement”
                                                                                    JD Walsh, Westwood Theater

        “If you’re thinking about hiring a phenomenal magician, Dave Cox is the guy.”
                                                                        Barry Garapedian, Merrill Lynch 

“Wonderful.  Wonderful!  You’re my favorite magician!”
                                     Dick VanPatten, TV Personality

        “You are hilarious.  Passengers LOVE you.  I love that monkey.”
                                                      Shona Blair, Cruise Director NCL

“Makes you feel smarter just watching him”
             David Groves, Author “Be a Street Magician”

“Your participation is what made our event a success.  Phenomenal.”
                                               Bob Chernosky, Discus Dental

                    “The complete show for families.  Outstanding!”
                               Dierdre Cutter, Hullabaloo Magazine

“Ooh!  You got me!  You got me Dave!”  
                   Lucy Liu, Movie Star

“That was truly wonderful.  You’re not just very funny, you’re truly, truly magical.  Thank you for sharing that with me.”
                                                                          Michael Jackson, King of Pop

        “You got IT, kid.  I don’t know what IT is, but you’ve got it.  I had it.  I don’t                        	know where it went.  But you?  You got it.”
                                                                 Sid Caesar, Comedy Legend

“I hate magicians.  I love Dave Cox”
                          Houston Post